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May 20, 2020

FBC Hobbs Members and Guests,

Congregational Singing The governor of New Mexico has issued a restriction that no congregational singing shall be allowed during worship services due to the increased risk of spreading the COVID virus.  Her decision for this restriction is based on the idea if someone is present in the church service who is asymptomatic, they will expel more viral material when they sing than if they do not sing.  By singing, they increase the risk of spreading the virus.  Her mandate while well intentioned infringes on our religious freedom.

Let us look at our response to this guidance from a religious view first, and then from a medical perspective.

Religious Objections

This mandate infringes on our First Amendment rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and we therefore are not under obligation to abide by it. 

“Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” 

This restriction clearly violates our constitutional rights.  It has a negative impact on the free exercise of our religion.

In addition, as a Christian we may also challenge this mandate on the principle that there are certain times in scripture we are instructed to obey God rather than man when mankind’s will is contrary to God’s will (Daniel 3:16-18, Acts 4:19-20).

Medical Considerations

Some members of our congregation are at greater risk of infection due to age or medical condition.  For that reason, we should be sensitive to those who might refrain from participating in congregational singing.  Decisions to not participate in corporate worship based on a compromised immune system or age is not a lack of faith but instead displays wisdom.  Their bodies are more susceptible than those of us who are healthy.  Members with these conditions have shared how they struggle with this situation.  We should encourage and not judge them if they choose to refrain from this portion of worship based on a legitimate health risk.    

Pastoral Encouragement

You should decide based upon your own spiritual or medical convictions whether you will participate in the singing portion of our worship services. 

If people in our congregation wish to sing, that is their God-given right while others may choose to refrain.  Let us not judge one another for either response (Romans 14:13-22)

As your pastor, I encourage you to exercise your faith in a manner that is right for your situation and is pleasing to God

Pastor Stewart

First Baptist Church Connect Opportunities

May 25, 2020

FBC is open starting May 31st!

Sunday AM Worship will begin at 10: 30 am in the worship center.  If you are not ready to rejoin with us in person or can not. You may click the following link and join us - Youtube, or go to YouTube and type “fbc hobbs.org”.  Next, click on the “fbc hobbs” logo which will take you to the church's YouTube channel. 

Sunday AM Small Groups

Underground Youth  - Sunday am at 9:00 am in underground youth room.

Adult 4 - 9:00 am in the Big Ed room on the 1st floor of the education building.
Encounter Class - Will meet in the main Troutt floor area starting at 9:00 am.

Berean Class -Will meet at 9:00 am in the Berean Classroom located in the Troutt bldg.  

Sunday Evenings

Mundo Lara's Group is meeting every Sunday @ 5:00 pm except the last Sunday of the month.  Contact Pastor KC if you would like to join.  

Dan Heister's Group is meeting every other Sunday evening at 5:30 pm.  Contact Dan Heister via email danh@fbchobbs.org if you would like to join. 

Underground Youth- Meets Wednesday night at 5:30!  Social distancing is taken into account. 


Rooted Ministry - Music & CoMotion meet every Friday at 10:00 am on the Music and CoMotion Facebook page.  Rebecca and Kristin offer our children and mom's a live feed that brings mom's of young children together.

Jim Fry's Group is meeting every other Friday at 6:00 pm.  Cntact Jim via email jim@fbchobbs.org if you would like to attend the Bible study.  Study is Louie Giglio's, Not Forsaken


LEGACY PREGNANCY CENTER OUTREACH: We wrap up our local missions outreach this Sunday for the Legacy Pregnancy Center.  

Turn in your bottles with coins to the welcome center desk this Sunday, May 31st!   If you want to still be involved, cash or check donations can be made by marking your envelope for Legacy Pregnancy Center and placing in the Offering box in the worship center.



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